Punta Cana 2015 074  Ahh sunshine and warm temps are just around the corner.  I find it hard to sew or knit when the weather gets warmer.  I still have a need to create but not as much. So I will dust off the sewing machine and clean my sewing area up so when the need does arise I am ready to go.  What I do know for sure is that my next project will be a colorful bag thanks to a tutorial from the CraftyGemini and the Missouri Star Quilt Co.  Check out the link

Tis the season…

I hope you are well underway with your Christmas sewing. Or whatever creative outlet you have. This time of year really lends itself well to homemade, straight from the heart kind of gifts. Homemade gifts, be it cookies to mittens, says that I thought of you when I made this and it’s an original, a one of a kind gift. I took the time to buy the wool or buy the ingredients to make you something special. I spent hours making it just perfect just for you. I hope you are all lucky enough to have someone in your life who will think of you and make you something special this Christmas. So its time to get busy like one of Santas elves in the workshop.                                                                                                                       What I like to do is to create while watching my favorite Christmas specials. How about you?? Leave a comment I would love to know what you are IMG_2243making this Holiday season.IMG_2244

Happy Halloween!!!!!

IMG_0480IMG_0478Halloween is almost here and a chill is in the air. Caramel squares and candy are everywhere. The leaves are rustling under our feet and its almost time to pull out our heavy coats and mitts. My knitting has begun. These (see pic above) are my first attempt at fingerless gloves.
Its a cozy time of year and I may have already indulged in a few pumpkin lattes. Apples are delicious this time of year too. Apple pies are bubbling in the oven waiting for that scoop of vanilla ice cream. I hope you are also getting that cozy feeling when you curl up on the couch with a hot chocolate and a blanket and complete your crafting projects for the holiday season which may I remind you is just around the corner. Have a great week my friends and don’t let your feet dangle over the side of the bed.

Cosy up to Fall

IMG_2241I am obsessed with making things.  However, this obsession has spiraled out of control.  I can’t stop making things.  My closet is bursting and these are just items that I have made  in the last few months.  The fall season is typically when you really gear up for crafts, but before I do I need to sell some of these items. If you are interested in my stash leave a comment.  If you have the same affliction I understand you.

Summer Sale -abration!!

IMG_1904JuneJuly 2014 003My crafts are piling up!!!  I love to create new things but now my closets are bursting with stuff.  Time for a sale.  Colorful large beach bag totes, a soft cute baby quilt with matching pillow case and last but not least some awesome JuneJuly 2014 004makeup bags.  If you like these let me know.  I can’t help myself I just keep making more and more. What are you creating these days? Hope you are enjoying the summer.  I know it is hard to stay indoors to sew but when we have a rainy day that’s when I take a sew day.  Take care.

June already!!!

It’s almost June and things have been busy around here.  I got a fantastic large table from a friend.  Now I can  place my quilts on the table rather than the floor.  My aching back is happy about that.  I had to reorganize all my fabric in bins.  That is exhausting because I get caught up in admiring the fabric and the whole process takes twice as long. I have 2 quilts on the go at the moment my orange twin quilt and a small lap quilt.  The weather is finally warming up now so it makes it harder to find the time to quilt because you really should be outside when the weather is fabulous. Have fun and keep sewing!!!  Tulip Festival 2004

Spring quilts!

I decided I wanted my quilts to be cheery and bright for Spring.  Love the yellow and greens. I also attempted my very first mitered border.  The very first corner was a  little tricky but by the time a reached the last corner I was finally getting the hang of it.  It really isn’t that hard.  You simply need the extra fabric on your ends and always leave about a 1/4 inch before you start sewing.  I will try this again on my Orange quilt.  For some reason I want to make an Orange based quilt. Love the burst of color for the center.  What I do need to brush up on is attaching the binding ends.  The ripper came out a few times as well as a few choice words.  My husband said it made him laugh as I was cursing like a sailor.  My favorite part though is turning the binding I find it relaxing.

Also, I know that the finished product is about to be unveiled. sewing 001 sewing 005sewing 006

Winter Please Go Away

IMG_1913It’s March and winter is still with us.  Why??? You’ve been here since early November and now it’s time for you to go.  You’ve been the coldest winter in 20 years.  I long for Spring so I whipped up this cute table runner to brighten things up.  It helped a little that is until I looked outside.  The sun is shining but it is freezing and we just got another dump of snow.  I long for spring flowers and a warm breeze on my face, not a wind that makes my face hurt.  Winter… please note that Spring begins on the 20th of March one week from today to be exact,  I  expect you do be long gone by then. Can you do that for me?

Make and Do!!

IMG_1904 IMG_1903When I was a kid we used to have a set of Encyclopedias (actually we still do).  They were my parents pride and joy.  They believed that the Encyclopedias would educate us and make us smart  and give us that edge to help us in all our school projects. “You don’t need to go to the library you have Encyclopedias!!!” my dad would say.  Well, my favorite volume was the Make and Do one.  It may have been the first one in the set.  Anyway, I must have gone through that book a million times. My parents worked and I had to keep myself occupied. It was filled with things to Make and Do be it recipes (popcorn balls), doll houses with cardboard boxes, making floating boats with corks I tried them all. I would scavenge for supplies until I found everything  I needed to make the item so perfectly photographed.  Unfortunately, my crafts weren’t perfect but at least I had tried.   I still love creating things.  I am always amazed by what we can create with a little imagination and our own two hands.  I must dust off the old book one of these days and reminisce about all the things I attempted to make. I recommend you do the same. Find something that you would like to Make and Do it.


Well it`s February, not my favorite month.   Where I live winter usually hits hard in February. Bitterly cold and a lot of snow. Although the sun is shining today it`s still cold.  I am tired of putting on boots and scarves and mitts. It`s a whole production every time I leave the house.  Exhausting really.  Did a little snow shoveling on the weekend and now I`m achy all over. February, I know you have just begun but please ease up on the snow accumulation I have no where else to put it.   Here`s hoping  the rest of the month gets better we all need a break.

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